Berklee Blogs follows Ashley Brown as she interns at Keep the Edge Studios, an upstart recording studio in Quincy, MA

For all of you who haven’t interned yet, it can definitely be a daunting process. Trust me. I know. But listen to me when I say that it doesn’t have to be all running coffee and answering to impatient employers. Sometimes, it can be a fantastically pleasant learning experience.

This week, I started my internship at Keep the Edge Studios in Quincy, MA. Right away, my supervisor was so nice to me and the work environment was really relaxing. Because the studio recently opened a couple months ago, it’s still taking on other interns and doesn’t have any other employees. I met one of the other interns, but I won’t be working with him because he will be working in the control room while I do administrative work. My first day was spent cleaning the studio. My supervisor told me that I would be cleaning the studio for clients every couple of weeks, so that will be my bi-weekly Tuesday activity. My supervisor also told me that I would be doing research for the studio, organizing and filing, and I will be helping set up the studio for sessions. Overall, my first day was a success.

My second day of interning, on Thursday, was also a good day. During my time at the studio, I did research on artist management companies in the greater Boston area. I compiled a list of company names, addresses, and contact info for each company. My supervisor said that next week I would use that list to send out emails telling these artist management companies about Keep the Edge Studios, and offer a place to record any artists the companies may have that need recording time.

That same day, my supervisor got a call from a mother about renting out the studio for her three-year-old daughter’s birthday party. So after I was done with the artist management company list, I made up a list of birthday packages, accompanied by prices, to show the mom that called about the potential birthday party her options. Another productive day for me!

It’s nice to know that there are decent people out there in the industry that will work with you. Interning isn’t so scary after all.

More to come about my semester at Keep the Edge!



Ashley Brown is an eighth semester Music Business major at Berklee. Her principle instrument is classical piano, which she started studying at the age of eight. She is currently interning at Keep the Edge Studios in Quincy, MA where she helps with clerical work and studio marketing.  After Berklee, Ashley plans to relocate to Portland to immerse herself in the local music scene. Along her cross-country road trip, she plans to see as much of America as possible in an effort to broaden her own personal horizons. Her current projects include: writing for this blog, learning ukulele, and forming her side project band, Hot and Bourgeois.