Berklee Blogs follows Scott Beardsworth, Music Business Major, as he begins his internship at PAID, Inc.– a celebrity services organization focused on VIP ticketing events, merch, and other direct-to-fan marketing initiatives. We’ll follow Scott as he navigates the waters of his first internship and teaches us his lessons learned on the job. Stay tuned!

I’m coming up on the two week mark with Paid Inc. Working full time, 40-50 hours a week will make things go by pretty quickly. The adjustment for me from a somewhat haphazard school schedule to a regular 9-6ish schedule took some, but not much getting used to. Prior to my working here, I worked part time (about 20-25 hours weekly) at Best Buy. That, plus my class schedule and work load, really felt like a 40 hour work week.

Over the weekend, Paid moved their central office from 236 Huntington St, Boston, to 40 Washington St in Westborough Massachusetts. The reasons for the move were to centralize the organization, (prior to this, our merchandising side was located in Worcester) and to help stop the growing pains and limitations of working in a space too small for the current operation, allowing for easy growth. From my apartment in Medford, It’s about a 50 minute drive with traffic. The move itself was quite hectic, as It perfectly coincided with the snowstorm we had this past saturday. Add to this that I believe my iPhone was stolen while out in Cambridge the night before; it goes without saying that my stress level was increasing with the snowfall. In an email to my Mom, I explained what I had to do to get to the new office on Saturday:

Had to go to Dave’s [VP of Artist relations] yesterday in the blizzard (without a cellphone, and only hand written instructions for roads I had never driven) to help with the moving process. Was to meet Dave at his house at 12 noon. I got there about an hour and a half late, because the roads were still pretty bad. The Subaru handled it fine, and it was actually pretty fun, since no one was really on the road. I got to Dave’s apartment, and he wasn’t there. I had no directions getting from Dave’s to the new office, since I thought I was following Dave, and again I didn’t have my phone GPS. I Drove around to 3 different places trying to find Washington St, but everyone gave me different directions. As I was ambling around driving on random office park access roads, I pass Dave driving in the opposite direction. I immediately recognize him, do a quick 180 slide on the perfectly prepared, snowy road, and start pursuit. I follow him back onto the highway, and a short while later into a gas station where I pull up aside him and let him know I’m there. We go back to his apartment to make one more pass, and on to the new office.

After this debacle, the move went pretty smoothly. Got my cubicle all set up, and helped with getting things unpacked and settled. I’m excited for the move as I, along with some of the upper management are new hires; I feel like it will be a fresh start for everyone. I will have more to share regarding my actual day-to-day tasks once the dust settles from the move. Until then though, I need to go find a new cellphone!


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Scott Beardsworth has been studying music in some way, shape, or form, for the past 17 years. Starting on Piano and moving to electric guitar and tuba, until finding his true instrumental calling of Electric Bass. Upon acceptance into Berklee, Scott chose to pursue the Music Business major.

With an equal love for all things business and music, this major was a perfect fit, allowing him to learn the business ropes, in an exciting field, close to his heart. Most exciting to Scott was his required MB-495 internship. He remembers sitting at the first internship meeting in his sophomore year, thinking about how exciting it will be to get real experience in the field he loves. Two years later, Scott has started his internship at a dynamic company located in the Boston area. PAID inc. is a turnkey celebrity services outfit, specializing in VIP events, merchandising, online marketing promotion, video production and more. The company serves industry A-listers such as Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, and many more.

In his free time, Scott loves playing music with people of all walks of life and disciplines, especially with his two bands Goliath in Transit and Skylab. If anyone has questions or wants to reach out to Scott, feel free to do so on his personal Facebook, or by email at Check out his band Goliath in Transit on Facebook!