Last week, I was fortunate enough to attend two of our shows. I am responsible for producing comprehensive reviews for both of them. That, in addition to many others, is a reason I abstain from alcohol consumption during work events. Obvious to some, I owe myself the focus and discipline required to perform at my absolute best. I have attended few assignments where alcohol was available; one of which I discovered was more of a party (it was actually sponsored by a beverage company) than the marketing panel it was initially thought to be. My experience in acceptable consumption is limited to that and live shows—both are environments not associated with professionalism. I might be guided by naïve perfectionism, but I am not comfortable combining partying and work: my internship is neither at a bar nor a club.

However, when attending shows for reviews, I understand that the experience must be natural, and by that, I approach with the same attitude as with any other show. The front row is where the energy is most intense, sacrificing sound quality for proximity to the performance of artists. Being a performer, I also understand that audience participation is crucial to the overall experience of both the audience and musicians: vibes, good or bad, are reciprocated between the two, especially in the absence of the fourth wall that some artists create.

Though it may not pertain directly to the show itself, I do meet artists if possible. I do thank them for fun I had with their music, and also for the work they did on stage. But also, I enjoy meeting other passionate artists, and there is no better time to meet an artist after their performance.


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Mike LosticaMichael Lostica is attending his seventh and final semester at Berklee as a Music Business major. He interns for World Music/CRASHarts in Cambridge. The organization presents traditional and contemporary arts in Boston, as well as organizing educational programs. Michael also supervises promotions for The Red Room @ Cafe 939. After graduating, he will remain in Boston to develop and grow with Noize Tank, the band he shares with other Berklee students.

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