Introduced in her previous blog post, we asked Korean student Julia Lee what each of her internship sites were like and how the experiences helped her develop music business skills

I had my first real music industry experience with Mach Speed Music, which is a small artist management company running a children’s music program. I did the internship during the summer of 2009. This company has two artists and the good thing about this internship site was that because they were a small and young company, I got to help with many different things; copyright registration, ASCAP registration to CDbaby and Pandora uploads. I got to do a lot of different things that I had heard of from class or friends.

There were some difficulty and confusion as I did the work, but the internship coordinator helped me a lot and we worked through it together. Even though I was only interning at one company, I felt like I was interning at two because I would help with children’s music classes aside from my music management role.

Currently, I am interning at Fenway Recordings. This is my second internship. This company is also an artist management company and has 11 artists with additional experience in managing artists.

There are certain things that an intern has to do daily. This internship site has more structural things for the intern and I got an email account, a desk, and a phone. It looks very official!

I take calls for the office and at first wasn’t really good at it. Actually I was a little bit afraid to talk on the phone officially! However, my internship coordinator was very helpful in helping me learn phone skills, which I did not have before working at this internship.

At my previous internship’s office, the atmosphere was more informal, however my current internship’s office atmosphere is formal and official.
I love both internship sites because I learned and continue to learn so much from both.

Experiencing different work environments is very exciting and it is interesting to feel myself adjusting to different work environments. When I actually start work I will know how to react and adapt!


Julia Lee is a Music Business major from South Korea. Last spring, she finished her second internship at Fenway Recordings in Brookline, MA. Julia hopes to return to South Korea to influence Korean music business with the experience she’s gained in the States.