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Employer Spotlight: Sonicbids

Tess here – I’m the Community Manager at Sonicbids. Sonicbids is the leading matchmaking site for bands and music promoters. Our community includes more than 300,000 bands and 25,000 promoters and licensors from all around the world – and we’re growing every day. The company was founded in 2001 by Panos Panay (a Berklee grad himself!) and continues to focus on its core mission of empowering emerging artists in the worldwide music community.

Ok, prepare for some name dropping. We help bands get on stages for festivals like SXSW and Bonnaroo, get their music played in outlets like MTV and Universal Pictures, and even find sponsorship from cool brands like Diesel, Converse, and GAP. And we don’t just work with the big guys; we provide opportunities with local venues, bloggers and online radio stations, too. Our goal is to help every musician get a gig, and every promoter find new, amazing talent.

If you believe in our mission and goal, continue reading more about interning at Sonicbids, and what we look for in our candidates.

The type of intern that excels at Sonicbids is one that is passionate about the music community. We work one-on-one with artists and promoters everyday and hold strong relationships with companies around the world. We love students who have a personal curiosity about the business. They can demonstrate how they’ve participated in the music community outside of the classroom and inform themselves daily about industry happenings. The passion of our employees is what truly makes the difference

We have a small team structure in the office, so interns must be open to working with all different departments and taking on new projects at a moment’s notice. This is a fast paced environment. Many internship commitments are full time because we load on responsibility and expect much more than your average internship. So, those looking for a standard, nine to five tend not to thrive.

Sounding a bit intense? Don’t worry, we’re also a fun group of music lovers ourselves. Wear what you want to work (within limits of legality, of course!), enjoy our Office Gigs (yep, we have bands that play in our kitchen) and enjoy an occasional beer with us (again, the legal thing applies…). Check out the photo above of our swanky South End office.

If our vibe sounds inspiring and you think you have what it takes, talk to the folks at Berklee’s Office of Experiential Learning (OEL). Send your resume and cover letter to or apply through the OEL’s internship database– we want to hear from you.


Tess Cychosz is the current Community Manager at Sonicbids. Originally from Milwaukee, WI, Tess has over ten years of experience working with musicians in areas ranging from radio, studio & live recording, promotions and more. Known for its communication and arts programs, she attended Emerson College and graduated early in the Audio/Radio program, coupling her degree with Business Management and Marketing Communication. Tess is passionate about music and believes in using the internet and accessible media to help emerging and DIY musicians find success with their art.


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