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Music’s Healing Touch

Wisdom tells us to: “follow your heart.”

My heart moves to the beat of music and healing.

I knew the only two things worth doing for the rest of my life would have to involve music and psychology.  Two vocations that are NOT for the weak of heart/spirit.  If you are looking for a road to quick success and financial stability, this is definitely the road NEVER traveled. Especially in the hard economic times we are currently experiencing. But, I agree with ancient wisdom of many cultures that remind us to “follow our heart” to always go the right direction.

Okay heart.  You win.

Hi, I am Heather Foxwell.  I am a twenty-four-year-old woman interning as a music therapist.  I will attain my bachelor’s in Music Therapy from Berklee College of Music this summer upon my completion of my internship.

I am interning for a Hospice firm in Newton, Massachusetts called Season’s Hospice.   I feel very lucky and fortunate to work with such amazing souls that care so much for their patients as well as their staff.

I have learned so much from my colleagues and superiors; Medical directors, social workers, integrative-medicine therapists, nurses, volunteers, and the like.

My experience as a music therapy intern is directly tied to my musicianship.  I am a member of a new band in New England called Little Bones.  We are four women from Brooklyn and Boston representing the new weird America scene.  We utilize techniques of music therapy in our live performances in order to evoke a feeling of inter-connectedness with our fans (or fellow music participants as I like to call them).

The trick is to make your music universal, make it inviting, and most importantly, make it real.  The way to do this is to interact with the audience in a live setting, thus making it not just a music performance, but a shared musical experience.

More information to follow!

For more information about me and my band, you can contact me at:

and while you’re at it, take a moment to check out:

Learn more about music therapy at Berklee.


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  1. Thanks for the reminder that music can be wonderful therapy. Before I play my harp I always remind myself that I’m sending healing vibrations to anyone listening.

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