I’m not going to lie – I wasn’t planning on seeing Foxtrot’s Cafe show back in December for their music. Then again, I wonder how many people did come to the show for the band at all and not simply because the posters advertised FREE FOOD provided by B. Good. I was actually planning on studying for finals that night when a friend of mine asked if I was coming to the Caf show that night for the free food (he wasn’t even sure which band was playing when I asked). Thankfully, I had the good sense to take a study break, hang with my friends, and bring my camera along, because Foxtrot put on an amazing show!

Having never been to a Caf show, I imagined that it would be a small affair with minimal production values, but Foxtrot definitely proved me wrong. Not only are their songs incredibly well crafted, but the visual quality of their show was astonishing as well for a band playing in a cafeteria: the band used an LED curtain, fog machines, and theatrical lighting.

Foxtrat also had an incredible grasp on sonic space, never sounding muddy in their intensity. The lead singer, Eitan, even used an effects pedal for his vocals, which gave the impression of hearing the band on a studio album (something my friend commented on later, too). Foxtrat’s slick production and engaging songwriting, which drew comparisons to Radiohead from my friends, completely transported me from the mundane Berklee Caf, the mark of true musicianship.

My only regret was that I didn’t take photographing the event more seriously, choosing to listen and enjoy the show rather than muscle my way to the front to take a better picture of the whole band in front of the LEDs. But I fully intend on seeing Foxtrot perform again, and I’m sure I’ll get my photo op then.

All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to Berklee Caf shows, and I look forward to catching more shows there this semester.

– Elisa