It’s amazing how much a three hour time difference can knock you out if you’ve been travelling all day. I left for the MIW at around 8:30am EST and, after having flown to Dulles and then San Jose, I arrived at Bosch at around 6pm PST. The first order of the day was dinner which was so, so welcome after the journey.

I was introduced to at least half of the participants at the MIW, meeting musicians from all backgrounds – amateurs, professionals – and learning about their backgrounds. The atmosphere at Bosch is incredibly relaxed, with a focus on participation and learning, no matter what your experience. Couple that with the wooded and secluded surroundings, and you have a recipe for a magical, magical time.

The event kicks off in earnest tomorrow, when I’ll be leading a panel on ‘Songs and Social Conscience’ along with Chris Ruhe and, a little later on, giving my first workshop on ‘Inexpensive But Effective Vlogging’. My first mission, though, is to get a good night’s sleep and enjoy sleeping in silence – much more news tomorrow!