What is Rhythm of The Universe?

The Rhythm of the Universe project, being held in Boston MA, is looking for independent instrumentalists, and singers.

 Boston is a premier destination for a music project of this caliber, and thousands of fans and music industry professionals descend upon Boston to network and check out new talent at the various music festivals and Schools around the city.

 Launched months ago, Rhythm of the Universe has grown exponentially to include partnership with Berklee College of Music to produce an enormous international music video comprised of 78 musicians.

This video will represent a vision of how the world would be if every citizen were a musician.

 The 78 musicians, representing all of the worlds 7 continents,  assembled in one room at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, where they will write the song together. Working in groups of seven, they will create separate sections of the song in native languages.

The chorus already has been written. Those lyrics are: A Ru MA, Se Ke Le Na, Du Na E Ya Ye. These contrived words represent the entire world singing a universal language.

 Benefits to participants include considerable recognition for berklee and professional résumé, public interest, and collaboration with one of todays top music stars (to be announced at a later date).

 The instrumentation of the song  feature many native instruments from around the globe.