I know, I know.  I said I’d stay away and keep my next blog til after break.  Then a little voice said to me: “Johnny, just because the semester is over doesn’t mean the music stops.  And if the music doesn’t stop, neither will the troubleshooting.”  Face it!  You guys need me!

Today I’m going to cover “freezing” tracks in Logic.  If you have, say, a vocal or drum track with a gazillion plug-ins on it, processing in real-time can be a killer.  It’s easier to “freeze” the track, taking a “snapshot” of your plug-in parameters.  This makes live-processing for those 6 space designers on your woodblock track unecessary!

To freeze a track, just go to the arrangement view.  Right-click a track and choose “Configure header”, you’ll get a menu that looks like this:

Picture 24

Click the box next to “freeze”, and you’ll see a small snowflake button appear next to your tracks in the arrange window.  Click “done”.  Now to freeze any track, just click the snowflake button next to it.  Once you play your sequence, you’ll notice Logic “freezing” selected tracks.  In order to make edits to a track you’ll have to unfreeze it, which can be done by a simple right-click (or an auto-prompt when you try to make an edit).

In a field where we are constantly beating up on these poor laptops, its good to find practices like “freezing” that keeps the CPU useage to a “minimum”.

Well, that’s it.  Remember, if you have any questions, write in!  Happy Holidays everyone.


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