Berklee came out in force for alumni band Annie and the Beekeepers CMJ Showcase last night at the Living Room. Magen and I were there, as were students and alumni Nathan Reich, and members of Sex!, and Nini & Ben, who, not coincidentally, happen to all be playing Berklee’s CMJ Showcase tomorrow (1-5 at Bowery Poetry Club, plug, plug)…Singer/guitarist Annie Lynch and her group, including alumna Alexandra Spalding on cello, sounded great! Without banjo/steel pedal player extraordinaire Mat Davidson, the band had a quieter stripped down folk sound, but the songs were no less powerful.  Songs like “Dirty Laundry” and “Someone Else,” nicely showcased crystal clear vocal harmonies  between Annie and Alexandra. Alumnus bassist Ken Woodward couldn’t make the gig so a friend filled in (I didn’t get his name), but the transition was seamless (not to take anything away from Ken, looking forward to seeing him next time).

Magen got some video of the set but was having trouble with the upload, so my grainy photos will have to do for now… Oh, the video is up now, cool!

I’ve been less successful with seeing other alumni thus far.  Just missed Cassavettes at the Planetary Group Party today, and last night we were greeted with a huge line when we tried to check out Ambulance LTD.  Hoping for better luck tonight!