Wow… so many bands in so little time. I’ve had my head knocked around from one indie pop rock band to the next. The sweet uplifting melodies are still echoing. I’ve never been a die hard fan for the “get up and dance” movement but I’ve seen a few great bands today, including Pete and J and The Madison Square Gardeners (who played a song entitled “My ex-girlfriend is a bad lesbian on drugs”. Also in between a set at the living room I peaked upstairs and stumbled upon an amazing young folk singer with a name I cant pronounce. Lucky Fonssssomething who was from Amsterdam. I only caught two songs but by the end of the second he had me whistling. I must say he was a genuinly great performer with only guitar/vocals, just the way I like it. He was also crazy excited about his mini tour in the big apple…priceless.


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