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The happy dog

I just wanted to check in again and let all of you know how we’re doing, although it looks like everyone is doing a great job at posting status updates.  So, I’m not going to tell you how hot it was, how hard it was, or even what kind of emotions were being felt while doing the work.

Instead, I want to focus on a little dog that managed to find his way to our worksite.  

He was quite a cute little dog, and seemed like a puppy.  But, there were a lot of signs that he was not being taken care of.  He was very timid, had all sorts of pests crawling around him (something I know all too well when I miss the tick treatment on my own boys), and he looked like he needed some food.  Even though my analogy may be a bit stretched, I felt a bit like he was a representation of the area; he was neglected and had to fend for himself.  It made me glad that I was there so people don’t have to “fend for themselves” entirely.  (Plus, I love dogs, so he was a welcome diversion for a minute or two.)

Even though I’m glad to help, I feel a bit frustrated as it is hard to see progress when you are moving dirt around to level something.  It just takes so much time.  Anyone want to donate a tractor to Habitat?

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  1. Jenna

    Oh no! I hope the little guy finds a good home and is taken care of as he deserves. Your attention to him was probably much appreciated and hopefully he comes back for more!

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