Hey everyone! Nazli here (pronounced Nazla)…I’m new to the PULSE department at Berklee. I am the administrative assistant.  My newness is so new that I’ve only had one staff meeting so far! At my first meeting, I learned about the recent travels of our Director, Dan Newsom. Dan had just returned from a site visit in San Francisco. He went to visit an organization called Youth Uprising to see how PULSE could be integrated with their current programs. It’s always good to get to know the people that you work with so I decided to have a quick sit down with him to find out more about his job and the trip.

1. How long have you worked with PULSE and what brought you here?

I have worked for PULSE since 2006 – before it was actually PULSE and before it was given the name. Curtis Warner asked me to come on board and help design some online music education materials.

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