Berklee Alum Spotlight: Wendy Levy ‘78, Music Supervisor
Written by: Shantell Ogden ’05

Wendy Levy didn’t set out to be one of the top music supervisors in Los Angeles, but, as she puts it, “It was the career that found me.”

The love of music started for Levy at an early age, she studied classical piano and started playing guitar when she was just 10. Though she heard about Berklee College of Music at a young age, Levy attended Duke and The University of Pennsylvania to study music and play intercollegiate tennis when she graduated from high school.

When she later entered Berklee to study her passion of composition, she was blown away.

“It was the greatest musical community I had ever experienced,” said Levy. “From day one I was writing and it was such a cumulative education for me. Everything I learned made me a very well-rounded composer.”

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