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버클리의 브랜드 뉴 클럽: 팝콘 & 케이넷 – Berklee’s Brand New Clubs : POPKORN & KNET

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끝나지 않을 것만 같았던 2011년 가을 학기가 지나고 버클리에도 겨울방학이 찾아왔습니다.

리사이틀, 앙상블수업 공연, 프로젝트, 교양공부 등등 잠을 설쳐가며 기말 시험을 잘 마무리 하고 여유롭게 집에서 쉬는 분들도 계시고, 가까운 뉴욕

에서 크리스마스를 보낸 친구들도 많네요. 모두들 새해계획은 세우셨나요?

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Drums and dancers in old San Juan: Berklee at the Billboard Latin Music Awards

Student Paula Giraldo of Berklee’s Latin American Music Business Association writes in from San Juan.

Since yesterday we have been preparing for one of Latin music’s biggest events of the year: The Billboard Latin Music Conference and Awards.

This conference, one of the world’s hottest Latin music events, is a place where today’s top artists, agents, promoters, record label executives, publicists, brand marketing executives, managers, media, digital music executives and many more music business executives, get together to discuss hot button topics and celebrate Latin music. It is a place of networking and learning that culminates with the Latin Billboard Awards, a celebration honoring top artists on today’s Latin Billboard charts!

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