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Rock History

Rock History: 6 Degrees of Imitation

jgreelyblogJeannie Greeley is the Senior Multimedia Producer for the Media Development Team in the Digital Learning Department. Jeannie was a freelance journalist and columnist in Boston’s media landscape for more than a decade. She’s used her storytelling and editing skills to create dozens of videos for Berklee students, from instructional media to feature-length documentaries.

For the last few months, I’ve been on something of a digital archeological dig, burrowing through lost 45s, unearthing 70s bell bottoms, and finding missing teeth on the floor of CBGB from punk’s heyday. 

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How to Organize Digital Learning Material

This post was written by Susan Gedutis Lindsay, Associate Director of Instructional Design in the Digital Learning Department.

There are many—dare I say “innumerable”—ways to organize digital learning materials to support student learning. The structure you choose should be driven by the learning goals that you set for the student. As a result, your course design will vary, depending on whether you are teaching a performance topic, a technical topic, or a historical topic. Right now, we are working with liberal arts professor Kate Dacey to create an online Rock History course for Fall 2014 and she has chosen a great lesson structure worth sharing. 

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