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Oscar Zambrano

Life After Berklee: Owning Your Own Studio

There comes a time where a sound engineer simply knows, deep down, that working out of a home-studio is simply not going to cut it. One can only tolerate so many clients sitting on his bed while the mix is being done or the master being burnt. The decision was made to bite the bullet and establish a studio.

There are a great deal of recording studios in New York City where facility, amenity, and talent are at the top of the top. I did not dream to compete with big studios; I wanted to, instead, offer a studio environment where client-service comes first. Being a people person, I set out to create a space where clients are treated as friends. The final product ends up so much better if the vibe in the studio is amazing. After all, making music is an incredible feat. All clients, no matter how big or small, are treated equally and provided with our top service. Bumping booked sessions for bigger and more famous clients does not exist in my book. Armed with my client-service-based motto, came Zampol Productions.

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Life After Berklee: A Stroke of Luck

Oscar Zambrano ’03 talks about his life after Berklee.

I have always known what I wanted to do after college.  I wanted to move to a city that had big recording studios, work there, freelance and eventually own a studio.  What I did not know was the how: what roads would I have to take? How long would it take and when or where would this happen?

Nine years have passed since I graduated from MP&E, and what an amazing journey it’s been thus far. I graduated in the summer of 2003 at a time when the music industry was beginning to experience a drastic change.  The digital world was slowly taking over analog, home studios were starting to become more and more common, and the big commercial studios were slowly disappearing. Fortunately, New York had yet to experience the effects of home studio recordings and with a stoke of luck, I was hired at my first choice studio, Sound on Sound in Manhattan.

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