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New York City

Four graduating seniors and Crosswalk Anarchy!

This post has been authored by Andre Vasconcelos, writer of the Brazilian tab for the Blogs

Crosswalk Anarchy: Evan Waaramaa, Songyi Jeon, Jamie Howell, Andre Vasconcelos and Scott Kapelman.

For almost 3 entire years now I have been the writer for the incredible Berklee Blogs website, the online international diary that the school created so that people from all over the world could read about the day to day activities and experiences of students from many different countries. As of this very moment, I am pleased to announce that I am graduated from Berklee College of Music. It has been an incredible 4 years filled with the most memorable memories and experiences I’ve ever had so far.

             Crosswalk Anarchy performing Pep Talk (by Waaramaa) live at the Record Company.

At this time I would like to share with our readers the project that I am part of that has me most excited and hopeful ever since I came to Boston, the group Crosswalk Anarchy. Being formed in early 2013, the group has been gaining notoriety in the Boston and New York musical scene. The music presents a unique and fresh mix between Jazz, Hip Hop and Fusion. Featuring a vocal instrument named Songyi Jeon, guitarist Andre Vasconcelos, drummer Jamie Howell, and bassist Scott Kapelman, the quintet powers through a repertoire consisting primarily of keyboardist Evan Waaramaa’s compositions. Four of the members of this quintet have graduated with the class of 2013, with Songyi Jeon being the only one still a student at Berklee.


Influenced by artists such as Snarky Puppy, Robert Glasper, and Chick Corea, they embody a fresh musical spirit that can be seen at their residency, every other Monday from 7-9 at Wally’s Jazz Cafe in Boston, MA. Crosswalk Anarchy has also been developing a very promising relationship with the renowned venue The Bitter End in New York City, opening for the worldly-famous guitarist Oz Noy on June 17th on a special night, when two of the greatest drummers alive will be joining the stage with Oz, Keith Carlock (John Mayer, Wayne Krantz,etc) and Anton Fig (Bob Dylan, B.B. King, Joe Bonamassa,etc).


Outside of the Box Festival will have its debut this summer in Boston.

Crosswalk Anarchy will also be performing at the recently put together, brand new festival in Boston, The Outside of the Boston Festival that will happen in July at the Boston Commons.The group plans to perform more regularly and to bigger audiences with the hopes of releasing a full length album by the Fall and eventually move to New York and engage in touring activities.

Entrevista com Michael League do Snarky Puppy!

This post was authored by Andre Vasconcelos, writer of the Brazilian Portuguese tab for the Berklee Blogs.

Na semana passada eu e dois colegas entrevistamos um dos músicos que mais chama atenção na indústria hoje em dia. O baixista, compositor, arranjador, produtor, empresário do famoso grupo Snarky Puppy, Michael League separou alguns minutos de seu ocupadíssimo itinerário para conceder uma entrevista para o Berklee Blogs.


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Kayleigh Mill: New York Survival Tips

Berklee Blogs follows Kayleigh Mill, a Music Business major and participant in Berklee’s Summer Internship Program in New York City. In today’s post, Kayleigh lets us in on her top tips for surviving and thriving in New York City…


Getting Around

#1 – Look up (and figure out) subway directions BEFORE you leave

#2 – Know the difference between going downtown and uptown

#3 – Local trains stop at every station; express trains DO NOT

#4 – The traffic on even numbered one-way streets go East; odd traffic goes West

#5 – The city is a grid, avenues go North-South; streets go East-West

#6 – 30-day passes can only be swiped once every 18 minutes

#7 – It takes longer to get there than you think

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Kayleigh Mill: Work-life Balancing Act

Berklee Blogs follows Kayleigh Mill, a Music Business major and participant in Berklee’s Summer Internship Program in New York City. In a follow up to last week’s post about stress, Kayleigh lets us in on some new realizations about balancing her personal and professional lives…

The majority of my posts are dedicated to sharing my advice from experience and from research, and to expose people to bands that I believe in that deserve to be acknowledged for their music. Today, however, I’m going to talk about my life the past couple weeks in a more personal way, to show a glimpse into how this business can be…challenging.

Although I love what I do, I’ve been struggling a little bit lately to keep my head above the stress of the industry, the difficulty in finding people that I can feel close to, and balancing the two without going crazy.

I’ve always been of the belief that I can do more – that I shouldn’t be satisfied with merely “good enough” – which is motivating, but it’s also disheartening and overwhelming sometimes.  The past two weeks have been non-stop for me, with managing a band for the first time, working 4 days a week, and writing for my personal blog as well as The Berklee Groove. I love everything that I do, but there have been times when I’ve thought to myself “What have I gotten into? What if it’s too much?” all while planning the next step.

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Kayleigh Mill: Dealing With The Stress

Berklee Blogs follows Kayleigh Mill, a Music Business major and participant in Berklee’s Summer Internship Program in New York City. Today, Kayleigh tells us how to deal with the inevitable stress that comes with internships and additional responsibility

There’s no way around it – if you want to be in the music industry, you’re going to face a lot of stress. You’ll be challenged, questioned, and criticized, and unlike high school, no one’s going to be there to hold your hand along the way. This is, after all, a business, no matter how passionate we are about the art. No matter how much you think you can handle, it’s best to be prepared with some tools to release or reduce some pressure, because that pressure can and will break you if you aren’t careful.

In recent years, I’ve certainly seen my fair share of breakdowns, and been through a few myself. Sometimes, we just have to remind ourselves of a few things… 

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