Jen Hirsh ’08 speaks of the trials and tribulations of being on tour. She recently completed a tour of the northeast promoting her new album Myself in Two.

June 13 – Middle East Upstairs – Boston, MA

The first night of the tour was a perfect way to start off. Coming back to Boston after 3 years was definitely different, but it was great to be in a familiar city. It is so hard to promote your show in a city where you don’t live anymore, which makes it all the more rewarding when people come out to support. I booked most of these shows myself and I hadn’t been fully aware of the local bills I was joining, like this particular night at the Middle East. I played with my guitarist, Adam Tressler, duo style, in between a couple of Reggae/Dub/Dance groups. Needless to say our set wasn’t as “fitting’ as it could’ve been for the evening, but we were in Boston with a Berklee band on the bill, 6th Degree, so the appreciative crowd enjoyed our set regardless. For a Monday night when the Bruins were playing, we had a fabulous turnout and a very excited crowd. Berklee staff members Marjorie O’Malley and Peter Gordon even surprised me at the show so it was a great way to end the night!

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