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MIDEM Student Takeover – 2 trends we observed

By Thomas Chardin and William Kiendl

Thomas Chardin, Marta Trapella and William Kiendl at MIDEM

This summer BerleeICE provided us with 3 student passes to attend MIDEM music conference in France. Internationally recognized as one of the most significant music gatherings in the world, we quickly jumped a flight from Boston to Cannes with high hopes of taking full advantage of the events 50th anniversary. MIDEM began as a trade show with the intention of fostering global distribution channels. Historically it has served as the international platform for music discovery and networking opportunities. The industry gathering, even despite major downsizing in recent years, still serves as an important medium for artist managers, music publishers, and label executives, and delegates to do business together. Furthermore, innovation and technology programming has only recently been introduced in an effort to showcase some of Europe’s most promising music startups. In between artist showcases on the Carlton Beach, here are the 3 key trends we spotted at MIDEM this year:

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Berklee Valencia’s Global Studies program student: Kelvin Killmon – the february timeline

Beklee Valencia Kelvin Killmon



The last week has been pretty relaxing. I have spent a LOT of time practicing, and I am starting to record some new music at the Palau, including a song I am going to give to Creative Spotlights for their Charity Fundraising Album, and one I plan to submit to Berklee’s brand new A&R club. I’m very proud of this new material, and I’ll try to make it available to listen to ASAP.

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Berklee Valencia’s Global Studies program student: Alexis Colett

Hola Berklee! My name is Alexis Colett from Fresno, California and I’m a second-semester Vocal Principal studying Professional Music and minoring in Drama.  I am currently studying in Berklee Valencia’s undergraduate Global Studies Program, concentrating in International Music Business and Performance.  This semester I will be blogging about my experiences at Berklee Valencia.

Putting together a new school in a foreign country is not an easy task.  There are many aspects to it: developing a new curriculum, building the facilities, hiring new staff and most importantly, finding the right students!  I am proud to say that I am studying with 26 of some of Berklee’s most dedicated students.  What you learn in the classroom is one thing; however, it is what you can gain from your peers that is so enriching.

Berklee Valencia blogs - Alexis Colett - The Study Abroad students during orientation week!

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