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Life after Berklee

Life After Berklee: Gunning It – An Ambitious, Female Musician Learning to Make Time for Self

For an independent musicians, the challenge is always to stay on top of the latest opportunity for marketing, promoting, and/or recording your music. Sometimes taking on that challenge comes at the cost of sacrificing both personal comforts and personal necessities like sleep and groceries. This often is my experience as a musicians and singer/songwriter. I experience times when there are lots of opportunities to take advantage of, but only the usual seeping financial flow as sustenance. In those times, unfortunately, the first things to be sacrificed for those opportunities are indeed sleep and groceries. Those stressful times are usually followed by times where there are fewer opportunities and my resources have a chance to replenish. It is during these times that I, personally, have a chance to regroup and recover as well! At this beginning part of my career and at the beginning parts of many artists’ careers, there seems to be little or no way around this cycle – the ebb and flow, the influxes of work/opportunities followed by dry spells.

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Jeannine Hebb ’05 – Interview

Jeannine Hebb, a 2005 graduate of Berklee College of Music will return to Boston this Friday, July 22nd! She will be performing at the Precinct in Somerville. She will also be releasing her debut full-length album Whileaway on September 20th!

After graduating from Berklee where she won a litany of awards, Jeannine moved to New York City to pursue her career. In 2007, she released her debut EP Too Late to Change Me. With clever chord structures and purposeful melodies, Jeannine’s well-crafted quirky pop sound reflects a life-long study of music.

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