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La Timbística

La Timbística Brought the Saratoga Sun Out!

Believe it or not, they did! As the funky Latin grooves and beautiful arrangements floated out into the rainy, cloudy Saratoga midday, Paulo suddenly played the chimes in his percussion kit (see pic). Like a film score, the sun rays illuminated my forehead and reflected off some audience members’ glasses… including my colleague, great friend, and mastermind of this amazing student touring/recording project, the one and only Mr. Rob Hayes!

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La Timbística, the Berklee Latin Jazz All-Stars on their way to Freihofer’s Jazz Festival in Saratoga Springs, NY

Hello, I’m writing in preparation for a great musical road trip tomorrow, where I’ll be taking La Timbística, a fantastic Latin jazz group comprised of some of the most talented Berklee students. The group is led by a great young percussionist, Paulo Stagnaro, who I happened to work with before in the recording of the Panama Suite, a big band composition I produced while studying at Berklee (who then released it through in 2007).

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