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New England Welcome for Seoul Jazz Academy

Jason Camelio, director of international programs, blogs about our Korean partner institution, Seoul Jazz Academy and their president’s recent visit to Boston.

The busy schedule of crisscrossing the globe for Berklee provides us with many opportunities to experience other cultures and histories, and learn about their rich traditions. It is a rare chance that we have to share these experiences with guests visiting the college. During the week of April 8th, we were fortune to be able to host president of our Berklee International Network partner in Korea Seoul Jazz Academy (SJA) Mr. Charles Kim and his daughter in Boston. Their visit was primarily for the Welcome Week event at Berklee, which opened the campus to accepted students for the fall 2013 semester and their parents to learn more about the college as they prepare to start their studies. Having been graciously hosted by Mr. Kim and the team at SJA, we thought it would be fitting to extend our New England hospitality to him as well. 

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New Soul in Seoul Jazz Academy

By: Jason Camelio, director of international programs

As we close in on the last leg of the 2012-2013 recruitment season, I see that it is a good idea to take a moment to share news from around the Berklee world.  Here is the first in a series of updates about some great happenings in Berklee’s expansive network.

In late October we made our annual visit to our Berklee International Network (BIN) partner the Seoul Jazz Academy (SJA).  Visiting Seoul and SJA is one of the major highlights of the year because of the rich community of excellent musicians in Korea, the success of our alumni and because Seoul Jazz Academy — already a very hip place — has just gotten hipper.  In 2012 SJA came under new management and has undergone a significant renovation.

Berklee team with the new leadership of Seoul Jazz Academy.

With the number of talented, young Korean musicians interested in Berklee on the rise, we needed to take a larger team to SJA to present clinics, perform a concert with faculty members and students and to conduct the auditions and interviews.  The team was comprised of assistant director of admissions Pearly Lee, associate professor of ensembles Skip Smith, professor of ear training Rick DiMuzio, assistant chair of guitar Rick Peckham, vice president of enrollment Mark Campbell and myself.  Sessions were presented on a range of topics including practice techniques, small group improvisation, ensemble playing, composition and arranging, preparing for an audition and more.  The events were closed out with a faculty showcase and students from SJA joining us on stage for a jam.

For 15-years SJA has been a partner with Berklee and a member of the BIN.  In that time, the institution has done excellent work in training young musicians for careers in music and preparing them for transferring to Berklee.  The results can be seen in the fine alumni, many of whom have returned to Korea to work in the vibrant music industry there.  With new blood flowing in the veins at SJA we are excited for the future.

For more details about the happenings in Korea, I encourage you to read Mark Small’s feature in the Berklee Today alumni magazine.

한국에서 열린 버클리 오디션과 한인동창회 – Berklee Auditions and Alumni Reception in Korea

지난달 한국 오디션과 한인동창회를 위해 버클리 어드미션 팀과 스탭분들이 한국을 방문하셨습니다.

10월 23일 부터 26일까지는 서울재즈아카데미에서 워크샵이 진행되었고, 27일부터 29일까지는 오디션과 인터뷰가 진행되었습니다.

워크샵으로는, 버클리 교수님들이 직접 진행하신 송라이팅 수업, 오디션과 인터뷰 준비하는 방법 등 여러가지 클리닉이 진행되었고,

새로 생긴 Berklee in Valencia에 대한 설명과 교수님들과의 잼세션도 있었습니다.

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