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Ken Zambello

Graduação da Berklee!

Hoje irei escrever sobre a minha experiência na cerimônia de graduação da Berklee College of Music. Eu cheguei nos Estados  Unidos em Boston em janeiro de 2009. No meu sexto semestre, em janeiro de 2012 eu colei grau na escola e tive a imensa honra de participar do show de graduação da classe de 2012 na Agganis Arena da Boston University, o estádio de hockey da universidade que comporta até 6000 pessoas na platéia.

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Sing Your Song — In Spain!

The Office of International Programs and Summer Programs are excited to announce the faculty members for the 2012 Singer-Songwriter and Vocalist program to be conducted at our new campus in Valencia, Spain from July 3rd to 5th.  This will be the second year we hold this program which will cover stage performance techniques, song form and harmony, lyric writing and vocal technique.  Students will have the opportunity to work with world class Berklee faculty members associate professor of ensembles Nancy Morris, instructor of voice and ear training Darcel Wilson, singer/songwriter Livingston Taylor and Professor of Ensembles Ken Zambello.  Also, stay tuned for news about s special guest artist in residence for the program!

2012 Singer-Songwriter and Vocalist Faculty

2012 Singer-Songwriter and Vocalist Faculty

We encourage you to check out the complete details for this program and the 3 other new programs we will produce during the month of July as well.  The other programs include;

Berklee Groove School
Art of Improvisation: Blues and Jazz
Re:Tool – Music Technology in Performance and Production

We look forward to seeing you in Valencia!

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