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Keep the Edge

Keeping Your Edge – The Perils of Construction

Building our studio has turned out to be one of the most painstaking tasks my partner or I have ever taken on. It’s one thing when you walk into an empty space with four walls asking to put up some dividers and a carpet like most commercial spaces. It’s a whole different ball game when it’s a recording studio. No one wants to touch the project: not Realtors, not landlords, and certainly not builders or electricians. There’s too many angles, too many layers, too much wiring.  Luckily, we’ve had the pleasure to work with Berklee’s own Stephen Webber, who has built recording studios all over the US. He designed the floor plan and has been our acoustical guide since the early stages of the studio’s development, making the task a little less daunting for all involved.

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Keeping Your Edge – Opening Your Own Business

There’s several clichés that everyone uses as advice when you’re starting a business:

“No one will tell you anything.

”Double the amount of money you think you need.”

“Get ready for some looong hours.”

You don’t understand the magnitude of these statements until you’re in the moment, building your dream and the world around you starts spinning at a million miles an hour.

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