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Intern Stephanie Rosario shares some final thoughts as she wraps up her internship with Inca Son

And so I’ve reached the very end of my internship. It’s been quite a semester for me, and things are starting to move faster and faster for me both as a person and a professional.

Yesterday I came to realize how absolutely crucial college years are to a person’s life. A class, a classmate, a professor, an internship; all of these things have the ability to rock your world at this age. Everything you decide to do, to participate in, to interact with- will have an impression on you in some way.

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The Application Process and Dating: Same Concept, Different Name

I’m on my fourth trip around the internship block, so I know the scenery. But this is how it should be. While most of us are still green with inexperience, it’s time to explore companies and start-ups to really get a sense of who we are and what we want. I’ll say it outright: While we may learn hands-on career skills/information at our internship sites, I believe that what we learn most about is ourselves.

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