We sat down and interviewed current Berklee student and Summer Programs “Guitar Sessions” two-time alum, Maddie Rice. She shares with us her experiences from Guitar Sessions and what it meant for her path to Berklee as a full-time student of the college.

Maddie Rice

How old were you when you first started playing your instrument? 

I’ve been playing guitar for six years (since age thirteen), but before I picked up guitar, I’d also been playing violin since I was four or five.

Which of the offered Summer Programs did you attend? Did you attend more than one?

I went to Summer Guitar Sessions twice.

What was your favorite aspect(s) about the program?

I’ve never been around so many guitar players in one place and it was pretty intimidating at first. But, it was amazing to experience so many different styles and approaches to playing. Everyone at Guitar Sessions, from my instructors, to guest performers and clinicians, to other students opened my ears and mind up to new possibilities. I used to think that there were just “good” and “bad” players, but at Guitar Sessions, I realized how wide and diverse the world of guitar is, and that there’s a place for almost everyone in it.

What were some of the challenges you faced during the course of the program?

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