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Musings of an LA Summer Intern: Done With Berklee… What Now?!?

Classes are over, directed study completed, senior recital a success. Finally finished with Berklee.  No more ear training, harmony, counterpoint (thank gooness!), or conducting.  All of it in the past. But, what are you going to do now? What comes after Berklee? Many plan the big move to LA, NY, or Nashville. Some move back home. A handful of us consider graduate school to further our education. To be honest, most of us have no idea what we are going to do!

Get In It

For me personally, this topic hits home.  I participated in May 2010’s commencement ceremony and will be completing my time at Berklee in December 2010.  Like many, I considered moving to Los Angeles in hopes of finding work related to my studies and passion.  The good news is there are opportunities to work (even in this unstable economy).  In my short time in Los Angeles (about two months now), I’ve heard about several interesting job openings, all of which match my skills. And I haven’t even been actively looking for them!  They have come my way because I am present, participating in the industry.

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Musings of an LA Summer Intern: Why Everyone Should Intern

Everyone should at one point, be an intern.  I can’t stress this enough.  Sure, you may be thinking, “I know what I want to do and it’s not fetch coffee all summer”. Or perhaps you just don’t like the idea of working for free.  Yes, these are all valid concerns, but the positives you can gain from an internship greatly out weigh all of these issues.

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