Gary Lazzara learned that people skills can be just as important as technical ability while interning at Dirty Water Sound & Music

As an aspiring music producer, mix engineer and sound designer in the world today, I decided prior to beginning my studies at Berklee that I would expose myself to as many opportunities related to my career as I could.  I knew before enrolling that Berklee provided many avenues for someone like myself to take so once I arrived, I began searching for things related to production, engineering and sound design.  As a result, I was introduced to the internship program through the Office of Experiencial Learning and decided to pursue an internship.

At the same time I was learning about the internship program at Berklee, through a contact, I met Jared Mooney, Owner/Producer/Engineer of Dirty Water Sound and Music (DWSM) in Charleston.  He informed me that he had an internship program through Berklee at his studio and invited me to come down. So I contacted the Office of Experiencial Learning to get more information about the internship program and how to register. The following day I visited the office, registered, and so officially began my internship.

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