In a recent music therapy trip to Panama, undergraduate students aim to empower the community to build sustainable music therapy programs at cancer centers, children’s hospitals, and nursing homes. Some of the students from the group, who go by the name “Panamaniacs,” kept travel journals of their experience. Below is a selection from Meera Sinha’s entries. Read journal entries from Denise Oliveras and Megan Griffith.

meera-sinhaBy Meera Sinha

August 15, 2016
Today was our first day working with clients in Panama. The first half of our day was spent at an orphanage called Hogar Malambo. We had two groups here: 1-2 year olds, and a mix of older children/adults with intellectual disabilities and 2-3 year olds. These were populations I hadn’t ever worked with before today, but it was an incredible experience.

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