Hi Everyone, it’s Maria.  Today Team Fascia (Omar, Janelle & I) made some incredible progress on the front porch flooring of the house.  It’s amazing how satisfying this work can be.  It took us several tries to get one of our boards cut to fit around the porch railing post and when it finally slid into place the excitement in the air was palpable.   Our group as a whole has gotten so much done in three days.  The owner is hoping to move in on July 1st so our aim is to finish the house in time for the final inspection on Tuesday.  We actually met the house owner, Paul, today.  It turns out that he used to live in Boston and went to the Berklee Five-Week Program in the 80s!  Could it get any cooler than that?

Last night a few of us walked out to Frenchman St and went to a club called DBAs.  We saw a sousaphone trio with washboard percussion and guitar.  The music was just fantastic!  There was a gigantic dog in the audience (half golden, half lab) who was tapping his paw to the music.  The owners told us it was his favorite club and his favorite band…. only in New Orleans!