We here at Berklee Blogs Central were excited to learn today that Berklee students Emily Luther and Charlie Puth have won Perez Hilton’s Adele cover contest with their duet arrangement of “Someone Like You.” (It’s really pretty. We’ll wait while you click on over.)

The Puth-watchers on staff were not surprised by the win. I Some of us have been checking his YouTube channel obsessively regularly for months and concluded it’s only a matter of time until he opens a show for. . . no, not Adele. For Weird Al! Perez readers may be shocked to see that while Puth can certainly sing a lovely sad duet, his real claim to fame are his comic music videos—many shot right down the street from 150 Mass. Ave.

Here, for instance, Puth and friends showcase the beauty of Commonwealth Ave. in the snow, which fortunately they are apparently “hot” enough to melt:

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