David Greenberg shares tips from his experience as Director of Marketing for Ted Kurland Associates, a boutique booking and management agency where Berklee interns gain insight into a successful career in music and business.

Yes, as Roger Daltry fades out in the background, we’re going to get on down to writing up your Bio. Now all of you non-artists out there, don’t start texting or chewing your gum louder, or figuring out what you’re going to do this weekend. This is for you as well. When you get out and start interviewing, a concise bio will be a very good tool to have in your back-pocket. So take what you can from this, though we are focusing on an Artist Bio to be sent out to the media, promoters, slapped onto CD Baby to nudge your sales up, and onward. If you are not an artist, take notes and use this to craft your own through-line for interviews — the story you are going to tell to those on the other side of the employment equation.

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