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Tommy Torres

Tommy Torres, nacido Tomás Torres Carrasquillo, (San Juan, 25 de noviembre de 1971) es cantante, compositor, productor, arreglista y músico puertorriqueño. Tommy Torres, comenzó en la música desde temprana edad. Aprendió a tocar violín, piano y guitarra. Cursó sus estudios universitarios en Berklee College of Music en Boston, EU. Donde realizó estudios en arreglos e ingeniería de sonido.

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Berklee LAMBA at the 2012 Latin Billboard Conference (April 2012): Part 2

Luis Galeana, President of Berklee’s Latin American Music Business Association (LAMBA) continues to share his stories from the 2012 Latin Billboard Conference in Miami. Read Part 1, or check out the photo gallery.

Francisco Ruíz, Luis Galeana and Emilio Estefan

The highlight of Wednesday – the conference all the attendees were waiting for – was Emilio Estefan talking about his business relationship with retail store giant, Target. We were seated with our notebooks and ready to grasp as much information as we could from the master himself.  Leila Cobo moderated this conference. When I lifted my hand to ask Mr. Estefan a question she just winked and asked one of the assistants to give me a microphone.  I stood up ready to introduce myself, and suddenly Ms. Cobo made a hand signal cueing me to not say a word. She then said to Mr. Estefan,

“Emilio, this is Luis from Berklee College of Music, I know of your relationship with Berklee and I’m very happy to have them at the conference”.

At that moment I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, Leila was introducing me to Emilio in front of everybody at the conference, and before I could say anything Emilio replied:

“Oh really? I love Berklee, in fact, Gloria and I just went there in January (Gloria Estefan led a conference in the BPC entitled ‘Inspiring The Self Teacher” on January 2012). I’m sending my daughter there for the summer (Emilio’s daughter came for the 2012 Five-Week program), so take care of her! I’m really happy to see young Berklee students here. Thank you for coming.” 

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Luis Enrique Visita Berklee




Rodeado de música desde su niñez, Luis Enrique Mejía López, conocido en el mundo salsero tan sólo como Luis Enrique, deja su natal Nicaragua para ir a Estados Unidos con el propósito de comenzar su preparación artística. Instalado en Los Ángeles, California, este cantante comienza a realizar sus propias composiciones, algunas de ellas influidas por el jazz y el “rhythm and blues” americano, plasmando en cada letra escrita su estilo sensual y romántico.

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Billboard’s Film & TV Music Conference – Los Angeles – Kenny Grimm

My internship experience at ASCAP is truly amazing. I’m gaining insight into different careers in the music industry. Several weeks ago I was invited to attend the Billboard Film & TV Music Conference in Century City / Beverly Hills.  Here’s a play by play of my day:

Left around 9am and began my drive over to Century City. Took me about 30 minutes to go 5 miles and find the parking structure. Very confusing parking.

Arrive at the Hyatt Regency. Picked up my guest pass and walked into a large room with hundreds of chairs and panelists on a stage.

Caught the tail end of the first panel discussing a company who creates jingles for advertisements. Shoot Magazine Presents: Music for Commercials & Branded Content

The 2nd panel I caught had Matthew Weiner (creator) and David Carbonara (composer) from the series Mad Men on AMC.  They took us through their process of creating the musical soundscape for Mad Men.  It was valuable to hear their discussion and learn how they really interact during the making of the series. Mad About Mad Men

Next, Carson Daly came on with Davis Powers (Last Call’s music booker) to decide which acts are featured on the Last Call with Carson Daly show.  I haven’t been following Carson Daly for a while but his show is now completely music-oriented, featuring band performances on the show and footage from live performances at venues.  It was cool to see Carson, as I used to watch TRL way back, but I didn’t gain much more insight. Case Study: Last Call with Carson Daly

During the lunch break I was able to get a seat close to the stage.

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Drums and dancers in old San Juan: Berklee at the Billboard Latin Music Awards

Student Paula Giraldo of Berklee’s Latin American Music Business Association writes in from San Juan.

Since yesterday we have been preparing for one of Latin music’s biggest events of the year: The Billboard Latin Music Conference and Awards.

This conference, one of the world’s hottest Latin music events, is a place where today’s top artists, agents, promoters, record label executives, publicists, brand marketing executives, managers, media, digital music executives and many more music business executives, get together to discuss hot button topics and celebrate Latin music. It is a place of networking and learning that culminates with the Latin Billboard Awards, a celebration honoring top artists on today’s Latin Billboard charts!

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