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World Music

Michael Lostica: Setting Goals, Managing Time

At a recent day of internship, I spent most of the day queuing more Tumblr posts. I found this to consume much more time than anticipated. Though not distracted, I encounter difficulty finding and presenting relevant content. Since starting to use Google Reader to track multiple shows, I am beginning to better understand being overwhelmed by content, most of which is simply noise.

Videos may be long, but are my preferred medium to present. In my experience, I like to watch videos rather than read articles, admitting to the poor attention span cliché of social media users. The content stream I maintain for World Music reflects this: mostly videos, with articles and pictures dispersed in between. Recently, I posted a lengthy interview of Idan Raichel, which offered extensive insight about the artist. Since I was compelled to watch it in its entirety, I felt it necessary to be shared.

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Michael Lostica: Refining Previous Experience

In the four days working at my internship, I have found that at basic levels, I already have a strong understanding of promotional tasks. At my most recent day, I spent about half of it posting event listings for the company’s shows: a task I had already mastered from my time at The Red Room. In addition to that, I’ve been assigned with providing the content stream for World Music’s tumblr account. Having established my own content stream on my personal Facebook, and my band’s brand, I found this to be familiar.

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Michael Lostica: Big-box vs. Startups, Lessons in Early Planning

This week, we follow one of our newest interns, Michael Lostica, as he begins his internship at World Music/crashARTS. We’ll periodically check in with Michael as he forges new paths in music promotion.

In the midst of final projects, booking shows for my band, and assignments at work, I finally secured my internship. After mentioning my search to my manager, she referred me to a firm with which she had coordinated shows with. She spoke highly of them, and described them as a small promotion team that works at a fast pace, resulting in more responsibility being delegated to interns. Though not on the database, the thought of working with World Music/crashARTS in a demanding environment excited me. Not only this, but it was merely weeks before the deadline to finalize internships: I was not in a position to be picky.

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“Women of the World” concert at Carnegie Hall

今回はニューヨーク、カーネギーホールにて3月15日に行われたバークリー発のバンド、”Women of the World”のコンサートについてレポートしたいと思います。(僕自身はコンサートを観られなかったので、コンサートを観た友人からの情報をもとに書かせていただきます。)

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