Allison Preisinger has been an integral part of the PULSE department for about two and a half years as the Audio Assistant work-study to the Instructional Media team.  She has worn many hats during her time in our department and throughout her years at Berklee.  Yesterday, she took her last final at Berklee and will be heading back to the west coast soon.  The PULSE team has loved getting to know Allison, so we thought you should too.  We wish Allison all the best!

Allison with the Instructional Media Team at PULSE: Jason Stokes, John Bigus, Natalie Dietrich, and Nicolas Mindreau

1.  What types of projects did you work on while with PULSE?

I started out doing research for music copyrights.  Then I learned Filemaker and helped to put together a database that would keep track of the information for all the songs that we’re putting together.  I also took the images for the Notation Mixer on the PULSE website.  More recently, I’ve been helping to proof and post the music transcriptions and layouts that go online.  That mainly entails listening and comparing it to the recording and comparing the recording to the notation that’s is written out.

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