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Winston Maccow

Berklee City Music Teacher Feature: Winston Maccow

We sat down recently with Berklee professor, and Berklee City Music teacher Winston Maccow. He shared his experience and methods of teaching.

What did you study when you were a student at Berklee?
My major at Berklee was Jazz Composition and Arranging. I did a lot of writing. It was really helpful.

What are the age ranges of your students?
I teach high school students from 14 to 16, and Berklee students anywhere from 17 to 27.

What are some of the highlights of working with Berklee City Music students?
One of the highlights of working with City Music Students is watching them grow and watching them perform with guest artists.

How do you keep the students motivated?
One way of keeping them motivated is to find out their own interests. As a teacher I can provide materials, and I can have a structure of doing things, but sometimes the students are not up to doing what the teacher asks. So, I always find out what music they enjoy. I always ask, “What are you into? How can I work with you?” Or, I might ask them to teach me something. There’s always a way to keep them motivated and challenged.

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City Music Master Class: In Review

City Music teachers Winston Maccow and Annette Philip had the privilege of leading a four-day master class at Network site Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center last month.  The class culminated in a well-attended concert at Lincoln Park’s 750-seat auditorium. Titled “The Red Hot R&B Revue,” the performance was a huge success, combining the talents of 26 high school students playing, singing, and dancing for a grateful audience.

Here’s a short video highlighting the event.  You can hear Winston and
Annette’s reaction to teaching these talented students!

Here’s what 3 students said about working with Winston and Annette:

“Working with Ms. Phillip and Mr.Maccow was truly a life changing experience. I learned so many new and useful techniques.  I look forward to continuously using the things that I was taught throughout my life, and throughout the rest of my musical career!”


“Working with Mr. Winston and Ms. Annette was amazing and my favorite experience this school year! Their positive attitudes and energy that they gave off kept me coming back each morning happy and ready to work. I appreciated Ms. Annette taking the time to get the group together and praying with us before the concert, because it boosted my confidence. Their hard work and determination to help us put on a wonderful concert has inspired me to continue to develop my voice and further my music education.  Also, I am planning on coming up to a 5 week summer program before I graduate for sure!”


“My take on the experience was that it was amazing. I loved working with Momma ‘Nette and Mr. Winston. I enjoyed myself so much that I am now applying to the college to get more opportunities to work with them and more people like them! That experience is one I will never forget thank you for coming and giving us that chance and opportunity!”





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