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First Day on the Job

OK folks, here’s what’s shakin’.  We got to town mid-day Monday, and spent the day wandering around the French Quarter having fun.  Today, Tuesday, we had our first day of work.

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Berklee on the Bayou 2010

As co-chair of Berklee’s Volunteer Commitee, Gracenotes, I’m really proud that the Gracenotes Sponsorship trip to New Orleans continues to set a high bar for staff and faculty volunteering and development.  I’m happy to say that we’re sending another amazing team of staff and faculty to NOLA this May 10-16 to brave the weather and build some homes.

It’s my pleasure to present this year’s team.

Sally Blazar, Professor, Liberal Arts

Tyler Brenneman, Front Line Coordinator, Financial Aid

Joe Kay, Department Coordinator, Ensemble

Laurie McFarlane, Corporate and Foundation Coordinator, Development

Michael Moss, Assistant Professor, MP&E

Jeri Sykes, Assistant Professor, CWP

We hope you’ll be able follow us on our journey as we give back to birthplace of jazz. ~Roya

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