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Onsite in New Orleans

Joe learns to smooth cement.

Greetings from New Orleans, and Berklee’s 5th Annual Gracenotes trip with Habitat for Humanity! We just finished our first day onsite at 1839 Allen Street in the 7th Ward, where we’ll be spending our next 5 days.

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part 1 버클리 음악치료, 카이멘 아일랜드에 가다- Berklee Music Therapy, goes to Caymen Island

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Playing in the dirt

Michael and Sally tackle the sand pile.

Today we learned the meaning of “sweat equity”… or at least we learned about sweat! 

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Tuesday night, Wednesday

On Tuesday night, we went to the Berklee Alumni/Pulse/Citymusic event and the world-famous Tipitina’s nightclub. There we were treated to some excellent music by a group of superb young musicians led by New Orleans sax stalwart Donald Harrison.

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A merry band of builders

Holding Andrew Jackson in my hand

займы на карту без отказов

Day two is winding down, but surprisingly, my mind is still going at a frantic pace. With no Dunkin Donuts since early Monday morning, I’m puzzled at the amount of energy I still have. The vibrancy of New Orleans and excitement our team definitely helps.

We traveled to our worksite today, only to be redirected back to the 9th Ward where the team was last year. Upon arrival, we quickly went over all the safety guidelines and got right to work. I had mixed expectations on the level of construction skill our team would have, but after just a few minutes, everything seemed to fall into place. Michael and I were quick to lend our advice on hammering nails and now Roya, Sally and Laurie can hammer like there’s no tomorrow.

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