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Vocal Summit – Programas de Verão

Vinicius Sa
Vinícius Cavalieri de Sá Coutinho, born in São Paulo on March 8, 1992, is
a Brazilian guitarist and composer who is majoring in Film Scoring.


Vinicius works as the Online International Ambassador for Portuguese

language since January, 2014.


No último post falei um pouco sobre o verão em Boston e os eventos que ocorrem aqui nesta época. Junto com os shows e festivais, acontecem os programas de Verão da Berklee, tais como: Five Week Summer Program, Berklee Percussion Weekend, Berklee Global String Intensive, Songwriting Workshop, Music Production Workshop, entre outros de acordo com o seu instrumento ou major. Recentemente uma amiga minha ganhou uma vaga para o “Vocal Summit”, programa para voz que irá começar no dia 25 de Junho.

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A closer look at the Vocal Summit

Hello! My name is Brandon H. Allen. I’m a fifth-semester music business major here at Berklee with a concentration on voice. I am also a student employee here in the Office of Summer Programs. I’m blogging here to share some valuable lessons from the 2009 Vocal Summit. If you’ve never been to a Berklee summer program, you don’t know what you’re missing! There is a great deal to learn, even if you’re not a high school student and have been playing your instrument for years. I realized even though I’ve been singing all my life and had been here two years, there were still things that I needed to learn, and other things that I needed to hear yet again. It was quite refreshing and it “lit the fire” in me again so to speak. Here are some of the key points I picked up in two classes I was able to sit in on:

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