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Modern Technology, Ancient Sounds

Berklee Intern and performance major Jon Hawkins tells Berklee Blogs what he’s taken away from reconstructing ancient music at Public VR, a Non-Profit organization dedicated to using Virtual Reality in education and research.

My name is Jon Hawkins.  This summer I began an internship with PublicVR working sound design and composition on their virtual Pompeii project.  While working in collaboration with Jeffrey Jacobson (PublicVR),  John Franklin, and the PublicVR staff, I had the opportunity to present and further my compositional and production skills, while working with various programmers, sound designers, and historical/classics experts. Duties included assembling and implementing the soundscape for PublicVR’s virtual models.  The Pompeii soundscape is composed of ambient sounds, music I composed with simulated ancient Roman musical instruments, and a selection of Greco-Roman inspired pieces by John Franklin.

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Virtual Site Visit: Public VR

Director Jeffrey Jacobson shares the important role interns play at Public VR, a nonprofit research corporation specializing in virtual reality reconstructions of ancient cultures. Jeffrey relies on the musical expertise of Berklee interns and archeological discoveries to recreate “soundscapes” that capture the musical culture of ancient cities.

About Public VR

PublicVR is dedicated to the advancement of virtual reality in education, the arts, and human factors research. They produce free software, supporting materials, and conduct research studies reported in scholarly publications.They  also support installations in museums, art galleries, and research facilities. PublicVR is a non-profit (501c3) corporation funded by grants, donations, and volunteer efforts. For more information please visit their website at

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