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Outreach at its best

Hey everyone! Nazli here (pronounced Nazla)…I’m new to the PULSE department at Berklee. I am the administrative assistant.  My newness is so new that I’ve only had one staff meeting so far! At my first meeting, I learned about the recent travels of our Director, Dan Newsom. Dan had just returned from a site visit in San Francisco. He went to visit an organization called Youth Uprising to see how PULSE could be integrated with their current programs. It’s always good to get to know the people that you work with so I decided to have a quick sit down with him to find out more about his job and the trip.

1. How long have you worked with PULSE and what brought you here?

I have worked for PULSE since 2006 – before it was actually PULSE and before it was given the name. Curtis Warner asked me to come on board and help design some online music education materials.

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Thoughts From A New Student – Midterms

Last time I recorded a video blog, I was in L.A. for a summer internship with Film Composer, Deane Ogden. Now, I’m at my dream school, preparing for midterms! I can hardly believe it! Take a look at the video for more details!

To read the article I mentioned in this video about my “Artistry, Creativity, and Inquiry” class, click here.

– Elisa

PULSE launches Improvisation Unit

TAKE 5, Episode 2: Capturing Reality

What is it like for a high school musician to arrive at Berklee and plunge into the 5-Week summer curriculum?
That is the essence of what we were trying to capture for the second episode of the TAKE 5 reality series produced by PULSE.

What we got looked like this: Arriving at Logan Airport on a red eye flight. A trip to Berklee via the T. An unexpected case of pink eye. Nerves. A peak at the Berklee dorm rooms. Dreams. And our first glimpse of these students getting their footing in their new ensembles.

If it looks like this material just came together on its own, then great! We’ve done our jobs. But this project was actually a careful collaboration. The students featured in TAKE 5 were given weekly assignments and production tips from the PULSE team, similar to the ones you see here: TAKE 5 Assignment, TAKE 5 Production Tips

If we want to make a musical analogy here, you could say the TAKE 5 students were our leads, and we helped out as the chorus. Hopefully the final result is music to your ears. (Okay, we’ll stop now and let the musicians speak for themselves.)

Check out our TAKE 5 stars – Austin & Aaron, Tasmine & Ashton, and Kadeem & Ashwa – in the new episode of TAKE 5.

Go to the Berklee TAKE 5 page to check out the newest episode of the show.

Among the buzz of an adoring crowd, Joe Arroyo says he liked it

One expected to see Joe Arroyo in the dressing room back-slapping the students and posing for pictures. He had just shared the stage with them, sat through a tremendous performance of his most famous songs, and received a letter of gratitude signed by all of them.

But he wasn’t around. He also didn’t go back to his front row seat. The crowd may be been too much.

The bus was waiting to take the Berklee crew back to the hotel. Energy was high from the performance. Some of the students were visited in Miami by family and friends. There was a South Beach night to visit before an early morning flight back to Boston. The bus was filling up and it looked like Arroyo had left the building without saying goodbye.

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