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The Wandas

SXSW is crawling with Berklee bands

SXSW is always always a hotbed of activity for alumni and student bands from Berklee and this year is no exception.  Scouring the Official SXSW showcases and parties, and Unofficial shows happening all over Austin, I spotted at least 60 bands/artists that include alumni or students. That means the real number is probably way higher. Of course, among these were the bands that played Berklee’s Seventh Annual Official SXSW Party on the Friday of SXSW Music. Check out videos from the show!

While putting on Berklee’s party is fun, it means we had to miss many alumni bands that were playing at the same exact time, including Dirty Dishes, Lost in the Trees, Cymbals Eat Guitars, Zambri, Sydney Wayser, Zorch, Sarah Blacker, Gentlemen Hall, Kishi Bashi, and more. Fortunately, before and after Berklee’s party, I did get a chance to check out some other alumni bands around the  festival.

OldJack: Dan Nicklin (center) and alumni Jason Meeker (left) and Ryan Peters (right)

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2010 Berklee CMJ Showcase: The Wandas

The Wandas returned the rock to the Bowery Poetry Club stage after Oceanographer’s more celestial set.  The quartet is tight from touring over many miles in its RV.  Three-part harmonies, classic rock guitar solos, reach-for-the sky lead vocals, attendant fans, songs flowing from groovy indie pop blueprints, and a general sense of revelry define this band.  The Wandas, based in Boston, include Berklee alumni Keith McEachern and Brent Battey on vocals and guitars. Boston band solidarity occurred during the Wandas set when Keith broke a string mid song, and the Honors’ Brandon Heisler quickly unpacked his guitar and passed it on stage so his turf mates could keep on rocking.

Outside of the Bowery Club, Brent and Keith tackle a CMJ hot topic – DIY touring.

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