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The Movement

Bach for the Beasts: Berklee Performs at the Franklin Park Zoo

UAREAVIOLIN-10Kathleen Chen ’17 is a first-semester student studying jazz violin performance and music production. She works for the Movement at Berklee, a student-run program that reaches out to the community through performance outreach, youth mentorship, and musical instruction.

Over the weekend, I played a gig in which the audience was the main attraction at the venue. The audience also did not clap after performances, or completely understand what I was doing with my instrument—because they consisted of tigers, kangaroos, and lemurs.

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Community Activism Near and Far

New Orleans bleeds both its charm and its trouble. Since my first trip here in Feb 2007, my connection to the city has been strictly via the arts (shout out to National Performance Network!) and entirely as a tourist, a spectator, and an administrator. I have long been eager for a way to get involved with its recovery efforts from devastation and poverty. As the Manager of Community Affairs and Campus Engagement [CACE] at Berklee, I am delighted to have the opportunity to get out from behind the desk and roll up my sleeves. Not only is it personally meaningful, but I believe that doing so makes me better at supporting others in their public service efforts as part of my day to day job responsibilities.

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