Following Liptease’s electro-pop and disco sound at the Berklee CMJ Showcase, was a blast of rock and roll from highly energized the Honors.  The four-piece Boston-based band is riding high on its debut disc, xoxo, and a growing reputation for crunching live shows.  Lead guitarist Andrew Bayardi, a Berklee alumnus, riffed, soloed, and sustained feedback that pierced the band’s driving rhythm section.  He looked like Jimmy Page, though a grungy version in his flannel shirt, when he leaned over and to the side of his guitar as he played.  In front of the stage, women gathered as the band handed out free CDs at the end of the set.

Outside of the club, Andrew Bayardi discusses a big break given to the Honors earlier in its career, and how that coveted opportunity helped the band to develop.