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Sylvie Simhon

Life After Berklee – Pilot Season

In her last post Sylvie Simhon talked about transitioning into her career. Now, she shares her experience as a composer’s assistant!

In March I took a part-time unpaid internship with composer Jeff Russo. It was fairly straightforward “intern work” in the beginning. Make coffee, pick up lunch, learn the setup, etc. Eventually my duties extended to engineering and editing when I became familiar with everything. We worked on some re-writes and edits for Lifetime’s Meet Jane pilot. (Status of the series is unknown.)

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Successful Transitions

Sylvie Simhon shares how she gracefully made the transition from student to professional.

My transition from student to professional was a smooth one, thankfully. Having heard horror stories of post-graduate unemployment, I started preparing for my professional life my second year at Berklee. In the spring and summer of ’09 I participated in the Los Angeles Internship Program. I interned at Immediate Music (a trailer music company) and at Playtone’s music department (Tom Hanks’ production company). With all the knowledge and experience I gained during that time, I returned to Boston, anxiously awaiting my graduation. I had fallen in love with L.A, and was confident that my post-graduate life would be there, so I did my best to keep in touch with everyone I had met during my internships.

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