Since summer is a hot time for touring, we decided to launch a summer tour series on the Berklee Blogs! In our first post, Devon Yesberger of the Yesberger Band talks about his experience booking his tour for summer 2012!

It has been a year since The Yesberger Band last hit the road on the West Coast, but that doesn’t mean this summer will be any less of a surprise.  With new and different opportunities come unfamiliar territories, unexpected obstacles, and ambitious goals that continue to push the threshold of what is reasonable. Not to say we’re solving the world’s problems here, but booking an indie tour can definitely sink the glasses low on the nose, when night after night is spent sifting through the personal novels written by frustrated booking agents (who apparently would rather not hear from anyone) just to ignore their discouragement in search of their email address so you can send them unsolicited material anyway. Despite constant outreach, my frequent visits to our online email database were more often than not met with the unimpressive array of past rejections or missed deadlines, with unread emails in bold print arriving once in a blue moon. Booking sucks.

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