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Par for the Course – Interning with a Start-up: Liam Sherry, Spring 2011

There is one sure thing about the internship program, you never know what to expect before you get there or how the whole thing will turn out in the end. For the lucky ones, it could turn into a job opportunity doing something they love. For others it could involve days filled with fetching coffee, taking lunch orders and endless copies interspersed by periods of so-called “downtime.” Most experiences, however, will fall somewhere in the middle, as did mine.

I was interning for Advocacy Entertainment, a small startup based out of Los Angeles. AE is a cause entertainment agency, meaning that our goal was to create live music events featuring bands of athletes, celebrities, or other well known non-musical people all for the benefit of charity. It’s a good concept, and it has been proven to work by the success of Band From TV, a band of television stars such as Hugh Laurie, Greg Grunberg, and Jessie Spencer. I should stress the “small” part of our business description. The company is currently my supervisor, his business partner and me, the intern. I saw this as a good thing. Because I was the only intern, my duties went beyond the simple matters of coffee and lunch, though occasionally my fetching skills were put to good use. The bulk of my time was spent managing the Advocacy Entertainment website, attempting to build a company social media presence, and writing press releases that have yet to be released.

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Interning for a Start-Up: Nick Susi, Spring 2011

I am currently interning with a start-up called Artist Solutions. This internship is an incredible hands-on experience, one that a class cannot offer. I knew that an internship would be a huge commitment, but I initially underestimated how much time should be devoted. Turns out, the more time I put in, the better the experience I receive. Still, I am spread quite thin with my involvement at Berklee, with classes, writing/editing for The Music Business Journal, working promotions for The Red Room @ Café 939, and gigging, all while retaining some semblance of a social life. I’ve learned to manage my time better, making sacrifices to devote more time to specific activities.

Certain advantages and disadvantages are apparent when interning with a business start-up. I’ve found the most rewarding aspect is helping the business make significant progress and knowing my contributions play a major role in its success.

On the plus side, start-ups and smaller companies give you the opportunity to work closely with your supervisor(s). You can create stronger working relationships and get to know each other on a more personal level. This is crucial when building your network of references. Fewer employees also means more essential responsibilities assigned to you, as opposed to being the stereotypical coffee connoisseur. With enhanced responsibility, you gain a better understanding for every role of the business, as opposed to one specific role that is there for an intern to fill.

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