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So, for us, it is finished.
For those we have left behind the work continues, and they must carry on.
I want to stop dwelling on the horrible things that have happened in NOLA, for they are now oh so clear to me and we must forge forward. It will be difficult but we can move forward and remember.
We, as many before us, have accomplished the greatest act that man can accomplish. We have helped our fellow man without being asked.
My prayer is that actions like ours will continue in NOLA and other places in need. This is mankind at its best.
I extend my deepest gratitude to all of the members of our team, to our leaders, to Ben, our teacher, and to all of the locals that reached out to us. Yes, thats right, it seemed like they were reaching out to us, to help us deal with what we were seeing for the first time.
May God bless NOLA.

Back To Boston

I’m just finishing my first day back at work. I still haven’t really processed that I am back in Boston. While it’s nice to be back with my family, I already miss New Orleans, and the work we were doing.

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The Kindness of Strangers

Blanche Dubois couldn’t have summed it up any better:  “I have always relied upon the kindness of strangers”.  That’s what I experienced this week, from not knowing my wonderful team members, to: Mo, our taxi driver who drove us to and from the site everyday, and took us through the Lower 9th Ward to see the notorious levee on the Industrial canal, now skirted by empty lots and ruins of foundations; Angelamia Bachemin, creator of the Jazz Hip Hop Orchestra and her sweetie, vocalist GinGin, who took Juliana and me on an extensive tour of their city, and brought us to Tomi, owner of the Juju Bag, who honored us by describing every special memory represented in her Juju Bag Cafe; Ben, our ever patient Habitat leader, teacher, and motivator; our other team members from NY:  Chris , Christina, Michele and Catherine,  there on their own on break from college; Stuart, who skipped out on his convention to come to work with us; Troy, with his brand new kidney, Rhonda, and Trina, locals who work on the weekend in the 9th Ward; Paul Scali our drummer and homeowner, who worked alongside us donning his straw hat; Trish, Barry, and Laverne, the kitchen staff at the French Quarter Chateau LeMoyne on Rue Dauphine: Trish brought her bench-sized cooler in on her day off so our picnic lunches would stay edible in the heat, Laverne who made us the  home cooked breakfasts, Barry who got us coffee and gave me a hug on the last morning when I was so sad to be leaving; and all the unknown and silent partners who help in the huge rebuilding process. 

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Day 6

Today I enjoyed tacking up spindles and using the saws-all to “almost” finish the front porch. We are confident that Paul’s house will pass inspection on Tuesday. 

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Steamy Morning on the Last Day

Wow–I can’t believe we’re near the end–it went by so quickly!  What wonderful, rich experiences we’ve had.  Last nite, Juliana & I had a personal tour of New Orleans with Angelamia Bachemin & her sweetie Ginger, whom I can’t thank enough!  We had homecookin’ at the Jujubag Cafe, which y’all should visit for some lovely live music and fresh fried catfish, and sit in an oasis of a patio garden! Angie showed us the school where she had started a music program for neighborhood kids, but now a big fish has purchased the buildings and she will have to find another place for her passion of teaching kids.  If anyone can do it, Angie can!

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